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house rules

general information
which the residents undertake to respect

1) The provisions of these house rules apply to all residents of the house, including family members living with them, as well as to persons otherwise admitted by them to the purchased / rented rooms, visitors and staff.

2. all official regulations (in particular those of the local, building or fire police, the sanitary authorities, etc.) must be complied with by the residents even if no provision is made for this in the contract of purchase/rental and the house rules. General rooms may not be entered with open light.

3. any behaviour that disturbs the other occupants of the house or is unreasonable for them is to be avoided; in particular, making noise, singing and making music outside the purchased / rented premises is strictly prohibited. Even inside the purchased / rented premises, the volume is to be set in such a way that other residents of the house are not disturbed. From 22:00 o'clock to 6:00 o'clock in the morning, silence is to be maintained at all times.

4. the dusting of carpets, brooms etc. over balconies, loggias, windows, is to be omitted.
Furthermore, any endangerment or annoyance of flatmates, passers-by, etc. through dust formation, pouring out, pouring out or other spreading of liquids is to be avoided,
malodorous or harmful substances, etc.

5. to protect against unauthorised persons, the entrance door must be kept locked during the night hours - from 22:00 to 06:00 in the morning.

6. the general parts of the house including the mechanical equipment are to be treated gently and carefully and are available to all residents equally. Damage and contamination of the house, the yard areas and the pavement are to be avoided.
The residents are responsible for the removal of damage or soiling on the occasion of repairs and other work, deliveries, etc. The residents are also liable for any damage caused by visitors or guests and must take precautions to ensure that other residents are not adversely affected.
The waste of light and water in jointly used parts of the building as well as the unauthorized use of the building facilities by persons not belonging to the household of the residents must be avoided or prevented.

7. waste is to be deposited exclusively in the waste containers intended for this purpose and in such a way that odour nuisance is avoided, and sufficient measures are to be taken against the occurrence of vermin; bulky waste, lumber, etc. may not be deposited either in the waste containers or in any other way in the house or on the property. Furthermore, the storage of easily flammable or health-endangering substances such as fuels or explosives and the like inside or outside the purchased / rented premises is prohibited without exception.
The parking of objects of any kind outside the purchase/rental property is prohibited for fire-policy reasons. Bicycles and baby carriages are to be parked in the designated areas.

8. boats, caravans and trailers may not be parked in general areas. The washing of motor vehicles is not permitted. It is forbidden to run engines (except for immediate departure) and to drive motor vehicles and motorcycles on the above-mentioned areas without an objectively justifiable reason. The access to the house and to the garbage dumps must be kept free.

9. to avoid damages caused by the weather, it is to be ensured that doors and windows both inside the purchased / rented premises and in the other parts of the house are kept properly closed in case of wind, rain, snow or frost.
The purchase/rental rooms are to be properly ventilated and heated; the water pipes are to be shut off in case of interruptions in the water supply or prolonged absence of the users. Balconies and similar areas belonging to the existing property are to be kept free of snow and other exceptional loads.

10. if a laundry room and other facilities are available, these are to be handed over after use in a proper, cleaned condition. The corresponding regulations for use must be observed.
Drying laundry at the windows or in the corridor is prohibited.

11 There is no caretaker in the house. Reports or complaints are to be addressed directly to the house management.

12. instructions for use: The instructions for the use of facilities, components and equipment of the house and the apartments, which were handed over to the residents together with the purchase / rental contract and the house regulations, are to be observed with regard to the functionality of the listed facilities and equipment and to prevent damage.

13. all damages occurred as well as tap water damages within and outside the purchase/rental agreement
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